Outstanding smart city experience for everyone
Citymatica is a full-featured, easy to use and cost-effective platform providing citizens with the most essential personalized city services and helping municipalities make cities manageable, measurable, effective and responsive.
Timing of smart city projects.
The average smart city project takes from 6 to 12 months to materialize.

Citymatica enables you to reach real results within a couple of days.
Lack of citizen involvement.
Many smart city projects are focused on city infrastructure and are not address by citizens and their particular needs.

Citymatica creates an effective two-way communication environment between city authorities and citizens, engaging them to participate and influence city life.
Most of smart city solutions and projects require significant budget expenses from the start.

Citymatica is distributed under a software-as-a-service model enabling municipalities to split and significantly reduce payments.
Legacy systems data management & integrations
Many smart city projects require deep and expensive modernization of legacy systems and data storages.

Citymatica enables cities to create updated services right above existing and well-functioning solutions.
The majority of smart city products are not ready for large-scale implementation.

Citymatica is initially designed for high loads and able to serve millions of users simultaneously.
Proprietary solutions managed by vendor
Most of smart city solutions are not designed to be open to and extendable by third-party developers – this leads to high vendor dependency.

Citymatica is open and enables third-party developers to create their own solutions fitting local needs in best way.
The most essential services with a single entry point – for citizens and municipalities
Immediate result after start
Significant raise of operational efficiency
Legacy data & systems support
Quick deployment
Real-time visualization & analysis
Citizen-centric platform
Scalable & customizable